EU certified battery, lithium-ion, 36V, 300Wh. LG cells.  

Charging time : 


Battery autonomy : 

The battery of the Modular 3S and 8S has an average autonomy of 70km.

The autonomy rates are based on a rider of 70kg, riding on a constant slope of 2%, and the assistance level being set at 60% (3/5). The autonomy depends also on the wind, the landscape, the weight of the rider...

Note that the autonomy of the Modular 1S is lower for two reasons. It is only one speed what will require the electrical assistance in more situations. Moreover, this model is not equipped with a display enabling you to manage the level of assistance. The system is set on 100% at all times.

Charge the battery : 

To charge the battery you have to plug the charger to the battery, then plug the charger to a wall socket. The battery must always be turned off while being handled. The battery is key secured so you can take it off of the bike if you like. 

It is advised not to empty fully your battery as it affects its capacity. Also, it is recommended not to go over the 4h of charge that are necessary. Leaving the battery connected to the charger constantly over consumes charging cycles./