Many of our riders have contacted us asking for the best way to take their cargo bikes along with them when they travel or just need to move the bike from one place to another. We love our riders and want them to be able to enjoy their bikes no matter where they happen to be, so we've scoured the web, called manufacturers and come up with a short list of options to fit most rider's needs. Have you successfully used a rack that you don't see on this list? Let us know!

Best for Boda Boda

Hollywood Sport Rider 2 - Hitch rack

Capacity: Two Bikes (Max. 45 lbs per bike)
Hitch Size: fits both 1 ¼" and 2"
Max bike wheelbase: 60” (72” long wheelbase kits available)

Best for Sweet Curry, Mundo, Boda Boda

Thule Tandem Carrier - Roof rack

Capacity: One bike

Max bike wheelbase: 72"

Max weight capacity: 55 lbs

Best for all models *with the exception of the Supermarche*

Hollywood Sport Rider SE

Capacity: Two Bikes (Max. 80 lbs per bike)
Hitch Size: 2” only
Max bike wheelbase: 60”